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Employing the concept
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The enterprise HR strategy, is an enterprise in personnel selection, breeding, use, keep some effective measures and methods of popular, make talent makes into, well, stay.

One, the candidate

A good beginning is half the success, choosing the right people is a prerequisite for the success of the enterprise.

1, talent regardless of nationality, gender and qualifications, useful is talent, matching, suitable, suitable for selecting the best standard.

2, not to stick to one pattern falls talent. The only example, merit-based. No parents have cited as, have no relatives to abandon the.

Two, education

A highly efficient team must be a be trained with regularity, well-educated and experienced talents major league.

1, whether born grassroots hero, through hard work can become dongliangzhicai.

2, the company will be good at learning, learning methods, positive progress requirements, to provide a good development opportunity to have very strong enterprising staff.

3, "learning makes progress", a simple sentence, said the study. A qualified employee must have a strong learning ability.

Three, with people

With the director, to avoid short, give full play to the greatest benefit of talent.

1, the material used, the most suitable person in the best position, make the most suitable people to do the right thing.

2, do not ask the all-rounder, talented.

3, fairness and openness, posts, capable, light let, yongzhe.

4, challenging goals need to dare to challenge people to complete, the goals, so that employees capacity upgrade.

Four, keep people

It is the way to keep. Enterprises can retain talent, the key leadership, focus on treatment, advanced culture, rich emotion, challenging career is keeping the icing on the cake of the pen.

1, leading to keep people

A business was good and bad, the key leadership. An enterprise can retain talent, the key depends on leadership. "People project" is the "number one project".

2, keep people treatment

Treatment with enterprise benefit go. Enterprise treatment is superior to that of the industry average, as advanced enterprise for benchmarking.

3, keeping culture

Advanced enterprises with advanced culture. Cultural attraction, cohesion and the centripetal force generated is unmatched by other material incentive.

4, stay emotional

The staff is my friend. We will create a fair, just, positive, harmonious interpersonal atmosphere and a good work, production, living environment, make "simple" interpersonal relationship, make Shu Xin work, happy life.

5, keep people cause

Challenging, competitive, helps employees grow career stage design, staff will continue to improve. A good development platform, will make employees a good cause.

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